Internship Day 3

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t hold up to my promise to write about the book I read for the internship. After some consideration, I chose not to for the following reasons:

1- The book is unpublished, and I suppose I should PROBABLY get permission from my boss before I write about it publicly.

2- As a professional procrastinator, I didn’t start reading it until the last minute (the day before…). I finished it though, and isn’t that what matters? Say yes.

Instead, you’ll get to hear all about internship day number 3, which was yesterday.

The day before internship day number 3 I had lost my Oyster card, A.K.A. my pass to basically all feasible travel options in London, so I left early for work in the morning to buy a ticket–something I didn’t know much about. Because of this mishap, I emailed my boss explaining that I might be a little late (no more than 30 minutes).

Fortunately, I was only about ten minutes late, and I’m not sure if my boss even noticed. During the interview he told me he was flexible, which I thought was interesting until I realized how often the tube is delayed. This isn’t a complaint, just an observation. Therefore, it’s also possible he just ignored my lateness.

Anyway, as I sat down at the desk adjacent from his, he told me he wanted two other PR documents for two more books. Additionally, he was leaving early, which meant I was leaving early. I wasn’t expected to finish the PR documents before I left.

Now, I suppose most unpaid interns would’ve thought, “Yay! An unexpected day off! Let me hop on the Tube and ride off into the sunset!” and left it at that.  But I was READY TO WORK. I had traveled all that way and my flatmates had gone off on their internships and/ or class. What else was I gonna do?

So I ask my boss: “Would it be alright with you if I stayed to complete this? I could lock your office on the way out.” To which he replied with a rather vehement “NO.” I was rather taken aback by this reaction considering he’s usually and `so consistently chill. Honestly, I still cannot fathom why this would be an issue. There is no money held in the office, as far as I’m aware, and nothing I would reasonably steal. For the remainder of the time, my imagination went wild–did he think I was some charlatan? Is he going to be suspicious of my motives for the rest of the internship? WHAT WAS HIS DEAL?

As you can imagine, this outburst of his strained our relationship for the remainder of my stay (at least on my end) and I left him on good professional terms, but with a seed of resentment in my heart.

Now that I’m sufficiently over myself, I’m prepared to go to work tomorrow morning without exhibiting any suspicious behavior.


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