Internship Day 4

Today was a good day at the ol’ internship, but I’m afraid to say nothing particularly interesting happened. I created some more PR documents to advertise our novels to bookshops and bloggers. Some had more material than others, which certainly kept things interesting design-wise. While I might struggle to find a review/quote on a lesser-known novel, a more popular novel may have dozens to choose from. Because of this and other factors, it was sometimes difficult to make these PR documents cohesive.

My boss and I developed an easier rapport today which was certainly a relief. He told me how important it is for publishers to follow-up on blog reviews, book give-a-aways, signings, etc. Unsurprisingly, social media plays an important role in the PR of businesses now–I sent my first tweet to a book reviewer today from the publishing company. I almost felt like fraud for doing so since I’m only the unpaid intern.

On a different note–I really love my internship’s surrounding area. It’s in a very European neighborhood which means everything is quaint and cozy. The hubbub of London–just a block or two down–is forgotten among lush greenery, Victorian-style houses, and the occasional smart-car. I’ll have to take a picture to really show you what I mean, unless you’re European yourself, and then you’ll probably know exactly what I mean. Not to make generalizations or anything. But when I leave work with my boss, we take this short path through the trees with flowers dripping on us from overhead–and he makes nothing of it! You don’t see those casually beautiful things in America–or perhaps I’m just not looking in the right places.

Unless something unexpected happens, my next blog entry won’t be until Monday.

A neighborhood kind-of a little-bit not-really like my internship site's
A neighborhood kind-of a little-bit not-really like my internship site’s

See you all then-


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