Internship Days 7 and 8

I’m a bit behind on my blogging for last week, but I promise you I wasn’t withholding any juicy details. Basically, I finished up the latest PR tasks my boss wanted me to perform while also working more on the blog tour that I mentioned last time.

Working on the blog tour basically consisted of creating a promotional flyer for the tour and sending out emails to bloggers that outlined its specifics. This was a tad tricky sometimes because we were still working out the details (the company has never done a tour before). Additionally, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted the bloggers to write. They all had to write about the same book, but they needed to approach their subject matter from different angles. Together, my boss and I brainstormed seven different ideas for the seven different bloggers. On top of that, we also brainstormed a Twitter campaign that made use of one of the book’s themes–still very tentative, but cool nevertheless!

So that was last week. This week–my last week in London–has been completely uneventful internship-wise, aside from my boss telling me yesterday that he couldn’t come in due to *another* tube strike. From my American (United-Statesian) perspective, these strikes are very peculiar to me. I feel as if there is threat of a strike every week! Tomorrow there is another strike scheduled, but thankfully it will be carried out after my internship hours.

A large amount of my internship hours consists of reading since I would not be able to help out at the office without sufficient knowledge of the material we are working on. Last week, I took my newest reading material to Queen Mary’s Garden in Regent’s Park. This place was a reader’s paradise–fountains, fragrant roses, overhanging flowers over quaint wooden benches, peace and quiet….it was just perfect. I’m attaching a picture below!

Though I love that reading is a part of my internship, sometimes I wished that I had worked at the office more and read less. My flatmates seemed to get a lot more hands-on experience than I did. Though, I do realize it would have been more difficult to complete my internship tasks without actually reading the books they were based around.

My next blog entry will be my last! See you then-

Queen Mary's Garden--a reader's paradise
Queen Mary’s Garden–a reader’s paradise

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